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I am a almost a beginner photographer, however  I was born in Rome 72 years ago , therefore my contribution to photography in Rome,  may be to suggest places to photograph, other than those known to everybody which are thousands.Even at the risk of saying things well known, my first suggestion is to have available the The Photographer's Ephemeris, see, to know what kind of light you will find at this time of day.
Second point, I will indicate the various points, giving the coordinates of Google Earth, to have the exact spot which will allow you homework in the research and approval. To find the place you only have to copy the two numbers, separated by a comer and past them in the Google Maps  research field. Using then the street view you can ha a glance at the places which allow for a street view. If you click the white Italian references, you can have a look at that particular image.

1. Terrace of Quadrilles at the Vittoriano,41.894351,12.483267.Absolutely the best landscape point of Rome to 360 degrees.

Quadriglie 1             Quadriglie 2               Quadriglie 3

2.Via Lucius Apuleius,41.906845,12.441415.At the end of the paved road, there is a dirt road that runs along one of the most beautiful and mysterious places of Rome: Monte Ciotti. You have to pass under the high radio antenna ( Radio, not TV ) visible from anywhere.What makes it special is the fact that one believes to be in Tuscany countryside, whilst it is 400 meters from the central Piazzale degli Eroi.

Monte Ciocci 1          Monte Ciocci 2              Monte Ciocci 3

3.Coffee Zodiac, via Trionfale,41.923429,12.452563.One of most scenic points north of Rome points, with an outdoor bar and a restaurant.

Zodiaco 1      Zodiaco 2


 4.Square of the Knights of Malta: the hole in the door,41.882962,12.478496From the hole, lining up with many visitors, you can see a wonderful shot.

Serratura 1 

5.Both banks along the Tiber from Ponte Garibaldi to ponte Testaccio,are practicable.Rome is always photographed from above, never from below, especially as regards the Tiber.

Tevere 1   Tevere 2      Tevere 3         

6.Protestant Cemetery of the Pyramid41.877110,12.480322Simply enter and you find a piece of Roman history, American and English, from 1700 to the present day, fused together.

Cimitero acattolico 1     Cimitero acattolico 1

7.Via the Pellegrino19 or nearby,41.896333,12.471399a short walk from Campo de 'Fiori and its market, we find the Arch of Acetari Courtyard.Just look on Google the “ Roma disappeared paintings” by Roesler and you 115 years after you take the real picture,  which still today is a copy of the paintings.

Via del Pellegrino

8.Coppedè district,41.918619,12.501313, in a few buildings there is a  unique architecture.



9. Campidoglio- Forum Panorama41.893241,12.483972, great view of the Roman Forum from above.

Foro dal Campidoglio

10.New overpass in  Garbatella41.867243,12.484435, interesting work to be photographed.


11.Oranges Garden,41.885215,12.479863, next to Step 4, appears in the category picture  of this article.

12.Appia Antica41.837644,12.536816, is a particular point that is an open air museum: concentration of  Roman Ruins, however, it involves a walk of at least an hour going and an hour coming back.I would recommend to study the whole matter in  Google, before tackling this point, because it's challenging, but I think worth it.

Appia Antica 1   


13.Valadier Casina Villa Borghese41.909804,12.479962, apart from the whole area, villa Borghese, a bunch of hundreds of wonderful spots, the precise point indicates the bust that appears in the photo slideshow, dedicated to the astronomer Angelo Secchi (XIX century) that has a hole running through the supporting column on which it is mounted, shows  the meridian of Rome, who was the first in Italy to be determined.Secchi elaborated  the finish line using a small pillar that once stood in place of the upper body and observing it  with a telescope from the top of the old astronomical observatory (Palazzo del Collegio Romano, The bust was placed in the home shortly after his death.

Busto Secchi


14.Aqueduct Virgin,41.907966,12.482628 on the right of the French Academy (at the Spanish Steps) there is a closed door, with above the inscription of the Virgo, for the non-drinking and for watering gardens (I l 'I drank while I walked with boots, without damage and was very good: see photo slideshow).Unfortunately this place is not accessible, but interesting, because behind the door there is a spiral staircase of about 25 meters (see slideshow) that leads to the aqueduct (see slideshow) the subject of numerous Italian and foreign TV reportage.(For example


Acquedotto Vergine 1 Acquedotto Vergine 2  Acquedotto Vergine 3


I would suggest also to have a look at the central Galleria Sciarra, very close to Trevi fountain. 

1a rivalta1
1b rivalta2
1c Rivalta4
2a monte 1
2b mm4
2c monte3
3a zodiaco 1
3b zodiaco 2
4a bucomalta
5a TEV1
5b TEV2
5c TEV3
6a cimitero1
6b cimitero2
7a acetari
8a coppede1
909a aggforo
910A aggPGarbatella
912A aggappia
913A aggcasina
914A aggAV1
914B aggAV3
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