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Transportation when in Rome


To use a car in Rome, it takes a lot of self-harm and also a certain dose of stupidity.

traffico.roma .scioper.vigili.urbani

  • Traffic is impossible and uncontrolled
  • Most of the city is restricted to local residents, with camera cells recording your driving plate. Fines are heavy.
  • Nearly everywhere there are "blue parking strips" which entail that if you find a parking place, you have to pay on an hourly basis
  • If you want to leave anything of value, the only safe place where to park, is your hotel room, next to your bed
  • Controlled parking places are expensive: the big one in Villa Borghese, rather central , costs € 2.20 per hour any day, any hour and € 18.00 for the whole day. STILL NO LUGGUAGE INSIDE and no campers as no GPL cars. Should you decide to leave your car there, it is advisable every second day you move it inside the parking place. Please note that a broken window in Rome, would cost you more than a full week cars rental.
  • If you belong to a country where Italian fines are not forwarded, you are not the only person to know that so they could decide to toll your car away and then add € 200 to the fines.
  • If you are travelling along Italy by car, drive to your hotel and then drive to a place you found when at home on the map. A small town, next to Rome, reachable by train which is cheap, find there a parking place next to a Carabinieri police station and then visit them, with the excuse of asking if the place allows you to leave the car for more than a day, but in real facts informing them that the car with a foreign driving plate, is not stolen and not to take any action if you leave it there for 6 or 7 days. However, every second day, betewwen 9 and 11 change the place.


Rome has a very good bus network, which however in most places stops at 22.30. The whole network is city council and you find it here:

Here you will find the best map in the world for Rome

they are in PDF and free, you can enlarge them to an unbelivable level and see all the bus lines going through the area. Otherwise you can use the approach described in this article.For tickets and fares see next section: underground.

There is a night bus network operatingduring the night and the numbers start with an N. When in Rome try to find routes and times.


Mandatory to read Safety in Rome   

Rome unfortunately has only two main underground lines

Line A and line B, which cross only in one point of Rome, at the Central Station, Termini, where you can switch from one to the other.

Line B  for the section  EUR-Cavour, was started and almost  finished by Mussolini in 1941, the station approach is the old one: separated entrances according to your direction, so you have to choice which entrance to choose, according to your direction. Ask before walking down, pointing at the steps down, saying: Direction Termini or direction Laurentina, OK?? Use these simple words pronounced slowly in English.  It does not to take much to understand a yes or a no. No most likely will be followed by the indication of the opposite entrance. Now, I have recently found out that each station has the Underground post: the white writing under the big red square indicates the direction.


BUT BEFORE walking down to the entrance of ANY LINE, if you wish to avoid unpleasant queues  go to a Tobacco shop or a papers stand

tabbaccaio    edicola      bit

and 90% of them    sell bus tickets: BITs, or they could tell you where to find them. If you are afraid of dying any minute whilst in Rome and do not want to  deprive your heirs of € 1.50, buy one at time. Do not rely upon the distributors on the bus, sometimes they don't work.



** These tickets MUST BE signed immediately with a readable signature.

The BIT is valid for one underground trip and you validate it specifically for the underground service. Bus validation is not good.

tornelloNEXT is a bus validating machinemacchinettatac

  1. and any bus caught within 100 minutes from initial validation, on the bus , or in the tube station when entering the line. If you are on the bus and your validation is next to expire, you validate it again and as long as you stay on the same  bus, the ticket is valid up to your final destination.
  2. Valid up to 23.59.59 of same date you validate it
  3. Valid for 3 days as above
  4. Valid for one week.
  5. These tickets cover any transportation within Rome as explained in the next section

Time table: Monday through Thursday and Sunday  e la domenica,  lines A and  B , first trip at  5,30 last at  23,30 from Terminals. From  Rebibbia, first trip on Saturdays and holidays days at 5,35.Line B, from  Laurentina to  Conca d'Oro first at  5,32), last at 23,26 da Conca d'Oro per Laurentina la prima corsa è alle 5,30, l'ultima è alle 23,28.

Time table Fridays and Saturdays , first as usual last at all'1,30 in the night . Line B, da Laurentina to Conca d'Oro  last at 1,21in the night ;Line B from  Conca d'Oro to Laurentina, last at 1,28 in the night.


Most of the Romans themselves do not know this network which is given by local Rome station of the FFSS , the national Italian railway.

If you move within the city limits ( at next link you find times and fares) your BIT is valid, but if you have not used it, you have to validate it in the same way you do with   buses or underground at the tickets validation machine.

What you do not realize is that integrating local trains, underground and buses you have a city transportation net work with a diameter of 60 km at € 1.50.  THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT if........

 in order to save some money you have chosen an hotel out of the way and you , being smart,  are not using the car. PLEASE CHECK the operating timetables of the lines.

Here you can find the timetable , but you have to know the name of the station. Here some notes in English where you can fin the explanation.

For more information surf Internet, the above is a lot, honestly. I am in an hurry, have to fly away! :=)




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