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Sunday afternoon, you are planning a visit to Rome and grouped with your relatives or friends, you are surfing on the net to have ideas, suggestions, hints. Problem is that no one of your group has ever been to Rome and whilst you find thousand pages about air-companies, hotels, sightseeing and other paid  tourist service, there is no one Roman, to give you what internet rarely gives: local tips.

Suddenly you have a friendly stranger, Mr Riflessioniromane ( Roman considerations) who has been born Roman and will die Roman, in love with his city, with a relevant Anglo-American exposure and experience, who loves giving some free suggestion to tourists coming over. Free, because is self retired and has no need to make money and furthermore  has spent a big part of his life giving help and suggestions to his overseas colleagues, who were often more interested in the city than the work.

His opinion, made quite clear right from the beginning is that money can be spent if there is a return: it is very silly to throw it away on holidays: what is very important is to live the city internally and not outside as a simple tourist, wrapped up in plastic, as sandwiches sold on trains. Second opinion remind the words of a well-known song: Wise men say only fools rush in but I can't help falling in love with minor useless risks.

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His first question is if you are booking a place from abroad and explains to the part of the group. how to check the surrounding of our prospect booking, To find your way in Rome, when abroad

Then he adds a strong suggestion  to avoid coming by car, but if you have to , leave it in a garage and if you are toughminded and want to drive it around, when parked, leave it with unlocked doors, no luggage inside and pieces of oiled bread bags scattered around, children used clothes around , to give the idea of a modest family, travelling with a shortage of money. It your car is not modest, DO NOT PARK it anywhere. If you are rich, leave your butler inside. Then he looks at us as and starts laughing. One of you, slightly pissed off, asks of the reason of his laughing. He grubs the hand of the pissed-off person and pushes him gently to click here. At the end there is an embarassed silence.

Then talking about moving around , the first issue is the Safety in Rome. Naturally the second issue is what you can do if you use buses or Underground, so the topic is Transportation in Rome. Then, slightly embarassed, thinking of ladies, he gives us a clu about Toilettes in Rome, stating that he is very proud of his city, but .... not of all.

Somebody mention the fact, to light up the atmosphere, that before talking about the toilests, we should mention the nourishing aspect. At this very point the Roman gest nearly inspired and explain that this is the point where 90% of the tourists and 20% of the Romans go wrong and spend money in a silly way, as he has extensively explained in Eating out in Rome and last, but not the least, Water "tasting" in Rome.

It has got late and he is to go back home, but before leaving us he talks about the "philosophical approach to the city, A Roman approach to Rome: sharing. On the door, on his way out, he adds his excuses to the ladies: he forgot mentioning Shopping areas in Rome and greets us informing us that he has mentioned only a part of the English portion of the site and therefore suggests to visit the whole English speaking area.

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