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After several years of experience, believe it or not, we have found astonished that the majority of the site visitors came from abroad.

Actually this was a circumstance as the site was originally created for locals, presumably Romans, interested in the roman past and present. Eventually we thought to give some tips in English to foreigners coming to our city, being the tourists an important trait of our city. It was only a matter of time that the English bulk developed to something more than just tips.


Today,( the precise date is May 1st ,2014 ) , forced to reorganize the site after a migration crash ( Shakespeare would say " and thereby hangs a tale"   meaning  the same thing as "well, it's a long story and  can be said when an explanation is wanted for something that requires a lengthy explanation, as it is a tale in the tale), we decided to give our foreigner visitors and friends, a bigger share and weight in our site. This new article and change in the layout is the result of it.


Anybody would wonder on the origin of this interest of ours, especially in the internet world, dominated by the financial goal. As a matter of fact, the huge investment of money in the internet structure available to everybody ,is not given as a free gift, but it is paid by the advertising or other sources of money generated by the net: therefore id quite logical to think that there is a financial interest behind our site. Off course this is false, but it is good tool to explain a part of the Roman character, that according to us, is also part of the cockney people:  generosity and love for our city.


To cut it short: the site is the result of our love for Rome and , fortunately, we can afford the cost and the energies implied. As a matter of fact in this site there is no advertising, over or below the line and the few "eating places" ( restaurants is a too big word ) or shops mentioned in the tips, do not need advertising and are only indications given by Romans to visitors and the implied shops or places are not aware of our mentioning. In fact we would appreciate if you help us to keep it this way and not to mention it, in case you visit them. As the back side of the medal, you have to be satisfied with what you get here, without expecting a professional approach or comprehensiveness  to the whole mater.


Our approach has been and is the one to put ourselves in a visitor's shoes, in need of wandering around Rome, eating and making a bit of shopping. Sleeping has not been our care as, being Romans, we sleep at home and furthermore the net is packed with good sites, professionally organized.  One of the controversial point of the sites, is the presence of an audio containment and in this site there are quite a few.

The following is our audio comment on the matter. Enjoy it!

Personally, I would not underestimate the support that audio can give to somebody visiting Rome. The following audio can be exhilarating if you are not involved, but if you are coming, it is very interesting to know in advance.







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