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  1. In Rome, if you drink either from the piping of the toilet flush, or from the top modern beautiful sink tap in the kitchen, the water is the same all over the city: same network. Only ornamental fountains and irrigation networks use different waters.
  • The roman water is the best in all the capitals in Europe or the States, according to millions visitors.
  • Rome water "heavy" and generates kidney stones! Metropolitan legend! see here
  • The water distribution system started in 3rd century before Christ, was improved, bettered to the utmost level,  demolished, rebuilt and improved again up to 3 years ago.
  • The system is monitored 24 hours a day, every day, with top modern technology and further ancient methodology, using some special fish for control reasons.
  • Roman water since 1900 has never had health problems.
  • All the water comes from hundreds springs scattered around Rome at 30 or 40 kilometers, in rocky environments.
  • The core of this article: depending on the springs section , water in Rome may taste differently and therefore our tasting suggestions.

I am personally water addict and have tasted hundreds of public fountains. I have often discussed my list with other water addicts. In my personal classification, starting from the top, the following are public fountains you have to taste absolutely when in Rome. All of them would freeze your teeth even in August.

CARRY always a collapsible glass with you. Don't do that disgusting think of drinking out of your own hand. It changes entirely the taste. Dogs are clever!             

La Pigna ( the pine cone ): Located in Piazza Venezia, in the center of the center, going towards the huge monument walking on the right, after you have gone underneath the historical Mussolini balcony, on the right hand side the squares enlarge in a big flowerbed: on the top right corner there is this public fountain. Read here using the translator    Google street view

Fontana Robilant del Grillo- Right at the beginning of Via Nazionale where there is the Italian Central bank and also at the top of the discesa del Grillo ( at the bottom there is a main part of the Roman forum.  Google street view: 

Le tre cannelle (The three pipes) 100 meters from the Fontana Robilant, in via delle tre cannelle.

Google street view 

Via Bocca di leone ( on the right of Inghilterra hotel entrance, bring your own collpsable glass)

Google street view

Fontana di Trevi, right hand side of the fountain, where you see the group of people in the pic. No need of further explanations. By the way: the water you drink , it is not the same pouring out of the fountain, but it is the same of the Barcaccia fountain in Piazza di Spagna ( Spanish steps)


I could add hundreds, but it is better you try yourself.

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